UNIX 50 周年暨 SDF 32 周年纪念

为了庆賀两个周年纪念在 2019 年的相遇,現在能在 https://unix50.org 在线体驗各个版本的 UNIX 啦。

TACKER:  smj (Stephen M. Jones)
SUBJECT: preparing for 2019 (unix 50th / sdf 32nd)
DATE:    17-Nov-18 17:36:48
HOST:    sdf

There is a pretty cool alignment of UNIX turning 50 in June of 2019 and SDF 
reaching its 32nd year on June 16th 2019.  To celebrate both, check out 

There anyone can spin up a several different versions of old UNIX systems 
and play around with them.

As a perk, you can also do this on the MetaArray by typing 'unix50th'.  
That has a few extra features such as networking, extra terminals and 
persistent images if you want to get more serious about things.

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SDF-CN 建站杂记

[1]> (format t "~A, ~A!" "Hello" "World")

Hello, World!

I’m an artist, I’m a performance artist.

应该从何说起呢,从一开始编写游戏王的 Lua 脚本的事情说起吗?那未免太遥远了吧。

作为一个喜欢收藏复古事物的人,我不可避免的对做为 Emacs 袓先的 TECO 产生了兴趣。因而在收集相关材料的时候,先是发现了 twenex.org,然后是 SDF 了。

刚到 SDF 的时候就给 commode 坑了,虽然有了 TECO 的经验,用 IRC 养成的习惯也不是一朝一夕就能改的。Newbie Loop 大概是我见过最生动的说明了。

[newbie]    q
[newbie]    exit

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