UNIX 50 周年暨 SDF 32 周年纪念

为了庆賀两个周年纪念在 2019 年的相遇,現在能在 https://unix50.org 在线体驗各个版本的 UNIX 啦。

TACKER:  smj (Stephen M. Jones)
SUBJECT: preparing for 2019 (unix 50th / sdf 32nd)
DATE:    17-Nov-18 17:36:48
HOST:    sdf

There is a pretty cool alignment of UNIX turning 50 in June of 2019 and SDF 
reaching its 32nd year on June 16th 2019.  To celebrate both, check out 

There anyone can spin up a several different versions of old UNIX systems 
and play around with them.

As a perk, you can also do this on the MetaArray by typing 'unix50th'.  
That has a few extra features such as networking, extra terminals and 
persistent images if you want to get more serious about things.


    • 在主界面按字母选择。如 a 就对应 UNICS。
    • 早期版本的 UNIX 用的是 chdir 而不是 cd
    • Tab 补全是沒有的,不要妄想了。
    • man 也是沒有的,有些文檔在这里可以找到。
    • UNICS 更接近 Twenex。有很多和 UNIX 不一樣的地方。
    • 从 AT&T UNIX 开始和現代的 UNIX 很像了。
    • 众所周知 BSD 是在 AT&T UNIX 的基础上改的。
    • BSD 有 man,高兴吧?
    • 退出按 C-e 后输入 quit

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