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虽然发得有些晚了,这封信会作为一份有意义的资料留存下来,见证了 Newletter 的开端,Gopher Club 的新生,SDF Terraria Server 的创建。

Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2018 07:06:34 GMT
From: SDF Membership <>
Subject: [SDF] Newsletter for 26-Jan-2018

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[0] PROLOGUE and National Public Radio and NetBSD-8
[1] Gopher is Dead - Long Live
[3] OStatus is Dead - Long Live Mastodon
[4] Terraria? Why, yes, thank you
[5] 10 Hoodies for 10 Children (or small adults)
[6] Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest 2018
[7] aNONradio is a thing and has a posse

=== [0] PROLOGUE and National Public Radio and NetBSD-8 ======

Hello and Welcome! What is this? This is the SDF Newsletter. You remember
the NEWSLETTER, Right? ahh, it was before your time. Don't worry, they 
don't get written often. Enjoy ASCII text, formatted to 80 columns with 
some NFO. And so, it begins. Written in TECO:

In 2012 NPR visited an SDF user's parent's house('s?) basement. The user
was 'buliwyf'. 'buliwyf' met an NPR reporter at a party and did what all 
SDFers do, talked about SDF. The reporter was intrigued and both the 
transcript and audio from NPR's "All Things Considered" can be read/heard 
.. sorry for the ugly URL .. but it is the WEB.

And finally SDF is contributing significantly to the upcoming release of
NetBSD-8 by providing the kernel developers with "real world" panic and 
savecore data which has accelerated the fixing of bugs. Thank you for your
patience and understanding as we fight the good fight. When you cannot
reach SDF via ssh, you will be able to access for status.

=== [1] Gopher is Dead - Long Live ======

Something has happened. People are STILL phlogging. They were supposed to
stop that, but they didn't stop. and so a club has been formed to assist
their persistent creativity: .. oh, you can get there from
the WEB, don't worry. There are proxies to make it easy. Put
in your web browser and fall down the hole. And if you want to create your
own content and phlog your ideas, type 'mkgopher' at the shell.
The Internet Gopher Club Underground Syndicate

=== [2] SDFARC - Radio Amateurs On The Air QST! ======

'hobbsc' got his dream! SDF Amateurs SK'eding for a NET on echolink on a 
weekly basis. It is true! There are radio amateurs on SDF. Something like
2,835 licensed amateur radio operators! So if you are one of those 2,835
operators who can get on echolink, join 'hobbsc' on NODE 799794 (KD5RYO)
this next Monday at 0000 UTC to join the NET and learn about SDFARC. You
can also read about SDFARC at (they don't have a gopher
hole just yet).

=== [3] OStatus is Dead - Long Live OStatus ======

"SOCIAL" is somewhat a "CRAZE" at the moment. You remember StatusNet? How about Elgg? Drupal? Qvitter? Diaspora? USENET?!? ok ok, so 
there is a NEW thing out there, but it is, mostly, compatible with OStatus
which is what GNU Social implements. And this one feels a little different
because its starting to reach critical mass and is especially very 'mobile
device' friendly. It is called Mastodon and we moved our instance off of an
SDF VPS and on to its own dedicated hardware and network. Mastodon as a whole
has achieved over a 600K users world wide, but SDF's local instance is 
just about to break 1,080 users who have authored 46,770 statuses and have
connected to 1,469 instances. See you there?

=== [4] Terraria? Why, yes, thank you ======

If you know what Terraria is and you have Steam or you have Steam and do not
know what Terraria is, then have we got the server for you:
Its been called a "2D minecraft ripoff" but, it is a little more interesting
than that. SDF also has a handful of licenses to give out. If you want one,
contact '' to make a request.

=== [5] 10 Hoodies for 10 Children (or small adults) ======

We have 10 small black hoodies that need good homes. These are new and in a
box fresh from 2003! If you are a small person or you have children who 
can wear a small, one might work for you! You have two options: 1. go to and buy one -or- send an email to ''
and fight for one for free! and when those are gone, they're gone......

=== [6] Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest 2018 ======

A previous incarnation of the SDF Public Access UNIX System will be on display
at the Vintage Computer Festival PNW held at the Living Computer Museum on
Saturday February 10th and Sunday 11th, 2018. If you can't make it to see
the hardware, you'll be able to connect to it during the VCF. Please watch
the 'bboard' for instructions about how to connect. VCF PNW page is:
Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest
=== [7] aNONradio is a thing and has a posse ====== In 1996 'iczer' started what he called 'SDF Community Net Radio'. There were a handful of DJs that made tapes or CDs and sent them to 'iczer' who would then convert them to RealAudio format (RA 3.0?) and hosted the 'shows' on the SDF Community Net Radio page (check the way back machine!) We're now entering our 22nd year of this 'Community Net Radio' and there have been some really great SDF users producing some really great shows! From the live DJ sets of 'snowdusk' and 'hardmous' to the eclectic 'cev', 'mjt' and 'tob' there is something for everyone. All the shows are archived and but its fun to listen in on a live show and interact with the dj in 'com'. Check it out - as a listener or a DJ! P.S. watch out for Edna Edison! Want some fun? Dial 206-299-2120 ext 1088

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